Saadi: financial corruption "huge" in the Ministry of Transport

The Commission on the parliamentary services, Wednesday, that the Ministry of Transport has failed and the failure of its minister through mismanagement and financial and administrative corruption, which Athbtnah documents.
And delayed questioned Transport Minister Bayan Jabr, a number of times for reasons not specified by the relevant committee and the board of the presidency. "
Committee Chairman Nazim al-Saadi's / balances News /, that "the Commission services continues to question the Minister of Transport Although he taught as the first deportees from the new ministerial cabin," adding that "the Ministry of Transport has failed to provide services minister failed due to mismanagement and corruption ".
He said al-Saadi, said that "the delay came the questions submitted by the Committee as a result has been replayed by the legal adviser to the House of Representatives," pointing out that "the re-formulation of the questions form the charge and not the usual question."
Saadi said that "the Minister of Transport, although it is the first minister, who will be excluded from the new cabin, but we are involved in providing the questions and complete the interrogation, in order to keep the public on what has been happening during the administration of the minister of that ministry's mission."
And ends today, Wednesday how long, "presented by the Prime Minister to the political blocs to provide the names of the new cabinet cab for presenting it to parliament as soon as possible" .