Turan accuse the leaders of the blocks obstructing the laws "sensitive"

He accused the decision of the Legal Committee Hassan Turan, Wednesday leaders of political blocs to disrupt the adoption of sensitive legislation in the current parliamentary session.
Tauran said L / balance News /, that "the lack of a shared vision of the leaders of the political blocs about sensitive legislation into law a general amnesty and the Federal Court and the Federation Council and the National Guard malfunction approval."
He said Turan, said: "Some of the Legal Committee accuses of blocking some important laws that affect the lives of citizens," explaining that "the political blocs are the cause of disabled many of the laws of political agreement to be passed."
He said. "These laws are part of the government program, which voted him the blocks and then came to be hampered by setting impossible conditions where"
He said Turan, that "the reform of the ICON by changing ministers or three, but reform is when there is a sincere intention with the heads of the blocks to legislate laws change package of political, administrative and judicial reality."
He called on the President and the Cabinet to hold meetings with leaders of the blocs not to pressure for the completion of the laws. "
The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, had met last week with the Legal Committee in order to speed up the vote on the general amnesty and a number of laws Almanmh.