Iraqi calls for presidential candidate Donald Trump to visit his country

The face of the founder of the Iraq Peace Team Sami Messenger and a member of the Global Alliance for changing the conflict is open to the candidate's controversial Republic Donald Trump message and invited him to visit Iraq.
He wrote the Messenger in his "send warm greetings from Iraq," even though he had acquired US citizenship in 2001, and lived for 25 years in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he returned to his native Iraq in 2003 to work for peace after the American invasion. "
He explained in his letter, Trump told, that his family "want to invite you and your family to visit us in Iraq for as long as you want."
He pointed out that "Trump will be the guest of honor at the homes of Iraqis."
He said that "these visits site occupies very important because it is part of a cultural exchange with the Muslim Peace Corps program."
"We would like to nominate (sister cities) officially each of the citizens of Najaf in Iraq, and through Minneapolis in the United States."
He pointed out, directed his speech to Trump, that "the purpose of your visit to look at the culture and education in Iraq and focus on the Arab-Islamic culture, an opportunity to visit major historical cities in Iraq, such as Babylon and the holy cities such as Najaf and Karbala and Baghdad."
He added, "Did you know about Hammurabi, the first code of law books for mankind."
He added that "we want you to organize visits to see the villages and rural areas in the south of Iraq, where the Iraqi woman who invented the wheel 3000 years ago."
On the contrary, he addressed the messenger Sami candidate Trump's "The appendices Iraq from destruction as a result of the military presence of the United States in 2003, although the country's oil wealth smuggling operations to Daash organization and facilitate money laundering operations of masterminding the US to support terrorism."
He said in his letter, also, "Mr. Trump My family and I rented a house in Najaf, the holy city where I was born and where small and our warm want your presence to witness the generosity of Iraqi Muslims In addition, there are other families Iraqi love to host you and deal with you as a member of her family.
He went on to say, "I assure you that we are all in Najaf brothers and sisters who share the same bread," he said. "Do you know how involved people celestial and other religions with us, including Judaism, since we share life, despite the different religions we have a lot of common values ​​without disagreements."
"We are all people of the book, we'll take you to Ur, where Abraham was born, and to the tomb of Nabi Yunis in Mosul and to the tomb of the prophet Daniel, near Babylon, and to the monastery founded by Saint Matthew."
It Hanmthel this visit, according to Sami Messenger, repel negative rumors against all Muslims and distort the reputation of Islam and Muslims in America and deepen your visions and perceptions towards Islam.
He concluded by saying: "I know you are busy presidential campaign, please accept our offer to visit Najaf, and my family and I in turn Snzorkm gladly in New York or Vegas, and The date suitable for the visit was not at the present time, the offer is open for you to visit us at any time you choose."
The likely Republican presidential candidate, "Donald Trump", criticized the withdrawal of US President Barack Obama of US troops from Iraq, calling the decision Palmtsra, which allowed Iran to tighten its control over Iraq, and the large stockpiles of oil.
He said the businessman's controversial in his election rally state "Ohio" America, he was from the beginning against the American intervention in Iraq, stressing that it would weaken and strain the Middle East situation, and that the emergence of "Daash" It was the biggest proof of the truth of what he says.
He continued, "Trump" in his remarks, saying, "Who cares if Saddam Hussein governor was not good, I was good at killing terrorists."
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