Parliamentary Human discussed with [Human Rights Watch] violations against the people of Iraq

Discussed the parliamentary human rights committee with the organization Human Rights Watch , violations against the Iraqi people.
The Commission said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that " the human rights committee in Parliament was chaired by Arshad Salhi and its members with Joe Stork , deputy Middle East director of the North Africa for Human Rights Watch and in the presence of all the representatives of the Iraqi people in the House of Representatives morning this day in the House. "
" the meeting discussed the human rights situation in Iraq and the violations against our people by the Daash gangs and some of the violations that you get while editing the cities from the clutches of Daash gangs and problems that hinder the return of the displaced to their areas. "
the President of the Commission , according to the statement "on the need for the Organization based in the writing of periodic reports on the neutrality and be at the same distance between all the components of Iraqi society and take the information from official sources and eyewitnesses as resource."
He added that "Stork said the work of his organization was looking in the demonstrations and women 's rights issues and violations that get in Iraqi courts to extract confessions by force. "
at the conclusion of the meeting , Salehi expressed the desire of the Commission to cooperate with the organization by providing them with all the reports and information issued by.