So what are behaving O representatives of the people and the homeland ship buffeted by waves

Parliament demands separate each deputy (space) exceeded absences and reasonable legal limit
MP who «disdain» to attend the sessions and discuss the issues and people looking for to its crises and its existence is wrong and tamper solutions
He wrote editor
In the beginning has to be reminded that it is our duty journalist and national levels in the new evidence, and since its inception in 9/11/2005 and so far is the signal and the correction for each negative phenomenon dire security of the homeland and the people's lives daily, especially that our country is going through the challenges of terrorism and grave Ktob is organized Daash terrorist which make the state devote every effort of security, military and economic to finance these articular historic battle that must prevail in Iraq and frees the entire territory of Aldoaash bastards .. Yes, said the journalist and national duty requires us to seek out every nook and cranny and call sirens going danger to us before it happens and to stop the criminal before commencing the implementation done and tell the void and idler Stand Mk.c..khz careful and Stop Dear Almottagaason a continuation and manipulation, and you know very well that the vessel Iraq buffeted by waves ..aleom we'll unfortunate and painful, and defective somewhat ashamed phenomenon that is the frequent absences of some lawmakers that to the extent that it has become ( too teratogenic) and despite the fact that former House Speaker or subsequent might panels repeatedly deduct the amount of each deputy absentee salaries or publish the names of absentees in the media for the attention of the people to their representatives or separated from exceeded absences reasonable and the legal limit, but all that was said was not only throwing dust in the eyes remained truants Sadran in their transgression and oblivious and insensitive to the will of the people .. and major disaster or ironic really that some deputies may supervises the presence of the opening of the parliament session only then absconded and that some of them had made his presence (cheek Okhadd) and class last decided not to come and happen deluge with our conviction that the flood did not happen for some MPs even if burned all of Iraq, or half the people died Alarac..anna here blamed for using bitterness and harshness of some of the representatives of the people who preferred their own interests and provided Mganmanm and say to them that the MP who (disdain) for attend meetings of parliament and discuss people issues fateful and challenges that beset the home country does not participate resolving crises, the presence in the House of Representatives wrong and Abut..ntmany to find an echo to confirm Deputy Speaker Dr. Hamoudi, during which he said that the council will announce this week the names of deputies who will not allows them to stay in the Council because of exceeding extent absences and we hope also sincerely hope that publishes a list of absences of Representatives publicly strictly and impartially and objectively and not to undergo forgery also revealed that MP for the coalition of state law, the emotions of a blessing that she and I quote that the list of absences of Representatives published by the Council recently incorrect evidenced by the presence of deputies Gaabathm exceeded the legal limit and attributed them (9) absences only courtesy required to adopt the electronic fingerprint system.