Basra and Iran agree to set up a dam and a clean stream Ronde River

Ismail Zamani executive director of the Free Zone Ronde said his district administration held talks with the governor of the city of Basra on dam construction and clean stream Ronde River.
As pointed Zamani "to the sinking of dozens of ships in the Ronde River during the war imposed by Saddam on the Islamic republic system, he pointed out that there are still 63 sunken vessel in the course of the river.
Zamani said that "the 13 vessels are present in the water of Iraqi and 15 of which the center of the waterway and the rest in the water of Iran," stressing that "there is no any problem in clearing the river has researched the side of Iran this issue with the Iraqi side, which be discussed with his government centralization."
He pointed out that "the decline in the flow of fresh water from the rivers Tigris and Euphrates and کaron relative to La Ronde River, as well as the entry of seawater mechanism led to high salinity waters which wiped out agricultural land surrounding the river, have reached salt water to Basra so that parents are forced to drink water salty. "
He also noted that he addressed the Iraqi authorities concerned on cooperation in the construction of a dam to prevent water intrusion into fresh Ronde River and used for agriculture, has been approved by the Iraqi side on the proposal.