Diyala: start tackling the crisis overstocked trucks coming from Kurdistan to Baghdad

Said a local official in the province of Diyala , on Wednesday, the start of addressing the crisis overstocked trucks coming from the territory of Kurdistan toward the capital of Baghdad, stressing the need to assess the physical damage to the roads because of the crisis , which lasted several weeks. The head of the new terms of the Council of Shat Abbas Kadhim Habib said in an interview for Alsumaria News, " the accumulation of commercial trucks coming from the Kurdistan region toward the capital of Baghdad to the border with Diyala within Hosseinieh zone crisis were signs resolved through the establishment of a key point in the Comerk yellowish area near the great hand (75 km north of Baquba )."

Habib added, that " the establishment of a point a major Comerk in the yellowish region will deal drastically crisis overstocked trucks several weeks continued on the road to Baquba , Baghdad and created a severe crisis in the functioning of the movement of vehicles , " stressing " the need to form a committee to assess the extent of physical damage to the road because of the crisis." and it suffered the region between the provinces of Diyala and Baghdad from a large accumulation coming from the region for commercial trucks.