Kurdish lawmaker confirms the determination of America to pay salaries of the Peshmerga

Deputy from the Kurdistan Coalition America 's intention to pay the salaries of the Peshmerga forces because of the financial crisis in the Kurdistan region.
He Hakhuan Abdullah told all of Iraq [where] "brought us the suffering of the Peshmerga to the US embassy there and was focused than before to pay their salaries after the visit of a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government to the US Embassy and discussed the payment of Peshmerga dues because we often we addressed the federal government to no avail."
He said " the Peshmerga forces are fighting today is part of the Iraqi defense system , " referring to "the existence of conviction among government Alammerakh need to pay or mitigate part of the suffering of the provincial government to pay their salaries."
it was a high - ranking official in President Barack Obama 's administration, it was revealed , according to US newspaper the intention of the administration to secure urgent aid to the Peshmerga forces ' salaries.
the [World Street Journal] the US, on Monday, said the Obama administration is in the process of securing emergency aid to the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the payment of salaries of the Peshmerga package, after showing her that failure to secure the salaries of troops will affect the war that led the United States against al Daash terrorism, pointing out that " the financial crisis in the Kurdistan region and delayed salaries of the Peshmerga Exchange, and quoted a senior official in President Barack Obama 's administration as saying," We can not abandon the Peshmerga forces, if they have a crisis, it will affect the battle Daash against, especially with the approach of the liberation of Mosul. "