British Deputy Ambassador: Iraqi market promising

Said the British Deputy Ambassador Nicholas Lata importance of the Iraqi market for British goods, pointing out that his country 's products have entered these markets for several decades and have become known to all.
He said in an interview for »morning« on the opening Crew Jkor Land Rover margin in Baghdad: The Iraqi market encourage the presence of our products in it.
and that brand in particular linked to the Iraqi markets for several decades and have proven success led to a growing demand for them.
He pointed out that the Iraqi market to expand and grow , despite the change in crude oil prices in world markets, stressing that his country is keen on companies export - quality products to the Iraqi market, noting that the embassy supports the presence of British companies in Alarac.wachar that the volume of trade exchange between Iraq and the United Kingdom and a large estimated tens of billions of pounds, where there are companies operating in various sectors such as oil and gas, health, infrastructure
and vehicles.
noting that these activities index and evidence of leading British companies interesting in the presence and work inside
Iraq. He stressed that the idea of the events of partnerships between the two countries is a matter of interest to them, to the achievements of the great economic feasibility of the parties to the process, the size of a large business in Iraq and technologies available from British companies that are characterized by qualitative having produced and under specifications
To Steve Alexander , Director General , said the company 's branch: The Plan work for the company: include horizontal expansion in Iraq after Iraq 's Kurdistan region went to Baghdad and a number of provinces, pointing out that the company has provided specialized centers for follow - up and maintenance of the product, emphasizing planning for long periods of presence in the Iraqi market.

(Reuters) -
CEO of Pertamina Energy state-owned, said in Indonesia, he hoped to conclude this year an agreement with the Indian refinery about one million barrels of Iraqi crude per month.
He said the sound of Swetjeptu told reporters: «It is better to buy crude and exploit refinery abroad» He added, that the choice of India due to its geographical location, adding that any crude shipments from Iraq pass on a number of oil ports in India on its way to Andonisaa.oukal: that shipments monthly oil that will go to Indian refinery of 290 thousand barrels of Pertamina's share in the privilege of the West Qurna field and 700 thousand barrels bought from Iraqi fields Okhry.othblg refining capacity Pertamina about one million barrels per day and meet the two-thirds of daily consumption in Indonesia.