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Fakhri Karim: is it possible to achieve reform "under" ..!

2016/06/16 22:14


At moments during the rush repair movements or protests but details of objectives and end computed, evolve by dynamism, cannot be objective assessment it appears criticism, whatever the intent, the suspect or suspects, motives and results of silence in such conditions the most damage from carrying suspected motives, political and social movements, even embryonic ones, are subject to the laws and mechanisms commensurate with the requirements of the emission and the nature and extent of smoothing thrusts components in terms of methods, functions and interim and final targets.

Not for so-called or "spontaneous" meaning isolated from substantive terms or more accurately out of doing social laws, as far as social development is concerned, its movements and contradictions, but they do not appear on your desktop, or express themselves in unusual formats or unexpected. Such phenomenon find their reflection also illusions as "evolutionary leaps", whether in nature or society or the vast universe, and all applied science in particular. And did not provide the date of human evolution in contravention of this law, the jump is not calculated in advance is the result of a splash in the quantitative accumulation of insoluble "measurement" has reached the moment qualitative transformation.

As we face the beginnings of "relapse" in hope and undo options revealed facts leaked from the last meeting of the Council of Ministers, and other manifestations of "the clash of wills and interests" within the political process in her coulisses, let's have fun with the "measure" to understand if clear from the start difficult repair trans-denominational system tools and mechanisms.

Suppose that Mr. Abbadi sincere goodwill and seriousness are not marred by serious doubts or illusions, and he sets off on a legitimate correctional release of sound inference system and controlling mechanisms and instruments in the administration of the State and the three authorities, is not a barrier to stop the deterioration and degradation of conditions in the country, but are producers of crises and its driving and the objectives of the socio-political expressions.

Assumption leads to Mr. Abadi realizes that environment which constitute this incubator system consists of financial and administrative corruption and looting the country's wealth and sources of natural wealth and violating the terms of the growth and development of human capital, creating the ultimate binary corruption-terror ", attesting to their relationship by marriage and hold tie the knot in a" consumation
"with a" failed State "decadent alladolh.!

And will remain in front of Mr. Abbadi, the moment Hamas, however, announces first called Eustachian tube general reform package which has not only achieved some Iraqi ministries and maintain her flabbiness, and continue uninterrupted calls for reform, stressing the transboundary nature of sectarian quotas. I barely understand what motivation was behind the calls, and no doubt he wants her to succeed. Also, I'm not sure whether the intended damage to the existing political system is strong, or it believes that reform can be found in the area of exceeded quota confessional, and centrifugal forces role for its system.!

And omitted what mechanisms will face "unconstitutional" election, "" benefits, wills lean on armed militias have amtdadtha in State bodies and institutions beyond the capabilities of each in some aspects of State capacities and potential. Also not counted or that he was dismissive of the corruption and parallel market incubators and integrated networks with interrelated interests and economic committees with influential politicians in the State and the authority referred to on more than one occasion, send more explicitly that it had targeted his life ..!

But, it seems, or to consider the assumptions, the account must begin to reform and combat corruption within his own party and then mass and then his Alliance, to the credibility of legitimate reformist and makes them lean on bond, and brings about the focus of its operation and its first steps-political alliance supporting public and be able to make a positive interactive sorting within these frameworks are all, without exception, the base for spreading confusion and dislocation among fossilized system stakeholders in protection of sectarian quotas and dismantled as afterthought.

To continue to ease political and verify that the version that I announced and adopted for application of methods and tools, were capable of predicting stubbornly passed and success, along with the one established in the will of the authorities controlling three fateful decisions, and even what is secondary in destinies, between the legislative power "the draft regulations" of the judiciary, the application tool and the Executive. In each of these channels will face one hand lift and Abadi is alarming and threatens her resolution in the end.

Left to Mr. Abadi is a last resort, be adopted will, supported by sympathetic, backed by reference to the understanding and help of the Arab, regional and international, open conflict within the coalition forces generated by national and other parliamentary blocs.

As long as we have fun, question how this would be Mr. Abbadi had setting confidential everything thinks, and the names of his advisors and his teams, and a reluctance to take steps "accessible" within the framework of its powers, to correct distortions that all State institutions and organs through the adoption of the "f" (agents) notorious, and did not provide for "reciprocity" on changes

"Technocratic" size defined in the so-called falsely and wrongly "independent" bodies, and conscientious objectors a ministerial change they lean on that majority of the chairpersons of these bodies are party cadres and mass?

How do we end ease without mention of Mr. Abadi as if difficult diagnosis headings corruption, it seems that other intractable tails, properties held by parties salt