Parliament discusses the events of Taza tomorrow and vote on encouraging doctors anesthesia Law

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The House of Representatives will discuss at its, tomorrow, Thursday, March 17 events of the region of Taza in Kirkuk province, which suffered from chemical attacks by terrorist gangs Daash.

According to the information department of the Council in a press statement that "the Council will vote on tomorrow's meeting on the project to encourage doctors anesthesia law, and discusses the events of the region of Taza in Kirkuk province, the report of the first draft amendment to the law regulating commercial Agency No. (51) for the year 2000".

"The Council will report and discuss the draft Islamic Development Bank loan" draft law Istisnaa and the draft law on ratification agency Istisnaa agreement between the Government of Iraq and the Islamic Development Bank, "the law, and the discussion of the draft foreigners establish law and the report and discuss the draft Iraq's accession to international regulations Convention on the Law for Preventing Collisions at Sea ".