Infallible: Popular Mobilization Forces will take part in the liberation of Mosul operations

16/03/2016 19:55
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BAGHDAD / obelisk: affirmed President Fuad Masum, on Wednesday, that the Peshmerga forces and popular crowd will participate in the Edits Mosul without entering the city, attributing the reason to the presence of "some sensitivity", while expressed his refusal to "involve" the crowd in any international problems.

Masum said in an interview with the agency "IRNA" Iranian official, said that "the accusations made against the popular crowd origin differences political and every country for which their interests from this angle, for the crowd are a group formed at the invitation of His Eminence Sistani, and fought Daash and made martyrs of many people in their affiliated to the General Command of the armed forces. "

The infallible, "when it ends Daash and stabilize the situation in Iraq, dividing the popular crowd qualified for military service or security service is supposed to accept in these institutions because they made sacrifices, but for others it can be for them a pension."

He pointed out that "may not be the popular crowd Name injects into other problems among nations, because an Iraqi decision, and we are responsible for our issues, maybe there are notes on some personal actions, but these actions in such a natural situations and can occur in all similar formations" adding that "the popular crowd is an urgent need for an Iraqi but not permanently."

Masum said that "there are some sensitivities for the connector and the Peshmerga یstrکon but do not enter the city because the entry may be where some of the wrong actions and any wrongdoing will be said about him that the Kurds have done so, and so the case with the popular crowd," stressing that "the crowd and the Peshmerga will take part in the fighting to edit Mosul, but they will not go into the city for the presence of this sensitivity. "