Anbar government declares its inability to relief to the displaced from the western regions and calls for international support

16/03/2016 14:26

Long-Presse / Anbar

Announced board member of al-Anbar province, on Wednesday, not the local government's ability to receive and provide relief to the displaced families from the western regions, as called for international support to provide food and shelters for the displaced, predicted the displacement of large numbers of al-Anbar province, after the displacement of more than 50 thousand people from the regions Hit and leap western province.

Farhan Mohammed in an interview (range Press), "The local government in Anbar is able to receive and provide relief to newly displaced people from the western regions of Anbar because of lack of support and the weakness of the financial budget, which requires an internationally attribution to contain the crisis."

He added that Muhammad "Anbar Council and despite the lack of financial allocations working on what he can to provide the displaced families and provide safe areas for evacuation in the district of Khalidiya and hand Habbaniyah Amiriyah Fallujah but require a great need for international support with the increasing numbers of displaced people."

Mohamed said that "the past few days have seen the displacement of more than 50 thousand displaced people from the regions of the Heat and leap, and there is an expectation very large wave of displacement following the lead of the security forces in the battles for liberation against a guerrilla organization Daash."

The cities of Anbar province, dominated by the organization Daash two years ago and saw a clearing battles resulted in the liberation of the city of Ramadi and several regions in the western cities and cleanse parts of the vine Center areas of Fallujah, killing hundreds of elements Daash during the confrontations.