Defense: conscription law does not contain a wildcard and we expect its implementation after two years

2016-03-16 17:46:20 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Revealed that the Ministry of Defense, Wednesday, that the conscription law "contains no" to pay the allowance, and as pointed out that the law is designed for the post - eradication of the organization "Daash," predicted executed two years later.

The ministry spokesman said Naseer Nouri in an interview on "from the 10 of 11 , " which aired "Alsumaria TV", " The conscription designed the law to post elimination of al Daash, which does not expect its implementation two years ago, a future law and not to the current stage," he pointed out that "the commander in chief of the armed forces is to decide its implementation."

He said Nuri, that "conscription law does not contain a wildcard not any provision contained in this regard, but all are subject to this law, including officials sons," adding that "the Ministry of Defense did not include a paragraph allowance in order to avoid the doors of corruption and some escape from the service of this Law".

The Ministry of Defense announced on Monday (March 14 2016) that the Defense Council voted unanimously to conscription law, pointing out that it has created all national justifications supporting the project, insisting that the decision comes equivalent to the resolution to dissolve the Iraqi army, to treat him from re - national balance and the judiciary on sectarian divisions and accelerates the community building.