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    Local market 3-16

    Local market

    3/16/2016 0:00

    Thamer Alheims imported goods of course , is characteristic dominant in the domestic market so forget the new generation of young local industrially produced was , or agricultural, and even in the tourism Those who have information about tourism in neighboring countries are usually more than their knowledge Bamaalmna tourist , religious and traditional wings.

    The Iraqi market is that absorbed product industrial and agricultural Btrfait (plant and animal), is not able to pay attention to the inside and the treasures of the three sectors. Since we are not who are engaged only in this turn toward integrated economy internally minimal.

    for example , Brazil has been at the forefront of industrialized countries newly although these the operation of any reliance on the domestic market spawned a bureaucracy and corruption , blatant , and a lot of waste, but also resulted in rate of 7 percent annual growth rate means that import substitution was a meaningful process for a long time in terms of public spending created a demand for the internal level , where the public sector Brazilian deals with some half of the total domestic production , according to published studies.

    corruption has been rampant before this period, as well as works in both directions , whether this economic pattern was heading to the outside or the inside this is something else that has factored objectivity, but it is important that growth internally reached 7 percent , which is a very respectable rate in spite of everything .

    Which enhances our domestic market is also a A is the official public sector now has more than four million employees and three million retired and goes with them employees of the care that is growing directly proportional to the violence ((Aldaasha)) and its consequences.

    This is the monthly flow of funds increases the dynamics of the local market , which absorbed the indiscriminate import waste resulting from money laundering. it is almost this constant (salaries and pensions , known to its members the government) is betting on the domestic market in the foreseeable future on the national product that we were exported as a result of the weakness of the domestic market at the time to the limited money supply in a timely manner with a fence of custom respectable prevents abortion product local which was the economic Iraq 's identity before the oil.

    maybe Ananaj to discuss the implementation of the promotion of the local product mechanisms as much as we need the will of the repulsive intervention backed by the forces of corruption are still active, they are the essential foundation upon which the indiscriminate importation , which constitutes a dam and managed to keep the flow of our national currency to complement its internally not economic , but also extends to re - new social structure that lists still exist do not need is a flick. and thus stops bleeding currency auction (random icon economic) and get back to usual opening credits and the operations of foreign exchange incomplete Chiefs as a filter for impurities and isolate the parasites inside and out and back the rhythm of harmonious performance between the three sectors to become the locomotive for the rest of the activities.


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    Re: Local market 3-16

    The last sentence....BECOME THE LOCOMOTIVE FOR THE REST OF THE ACTIVITIES. now that's a sweet sentence. Great find sir!

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