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Parliament demands separate each Deputy (spatial) exceeded the reasonable and legal absences

Mp who refuses to attend meetings and does not discuss the issues and people looking for solutions to its crises and quality of wrong and messes

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Start to be recalled that the press and national duty in new evidence since its inception on 9/11/2005 and till now is pointing and Corrigendum concerning all dire negative phenomenon by Homeland Security and people's daily lives, especially that our country is going through serious terrorist and business challenges of organizing terrorist daash making State devote all its security and military and economic support for the financing of this historic battle arthropod which must prevail, where Iraq and liberate the entire territory of aldwaash bastards. Yes press and national duty requires us to chase after every big and small and the siren call in connection with the threat to us before it happened and stop the criminal before commencing the implementation I did and tell the falsehood and idler stand where you are. Take care and stop dear stretching and manipulation of the Slacker and you know very well that Iraq ship buffeted by waves. Today we turn a sad and painful phenomenon and defective limit shame those are repeated absences of some deputies who arrived it became (pointless) and although House speaker preceding or subsequent panels repeatedly have to deduct from the salaries of all Deputy were absent or publish the names on the media to keep people on their representatives or separation of absences exceeds reasonable and allowable legal but what was said was just throwing sand in the eyes and under their abstentions in their error and Unaware and unafraid in the will of the people. And the final insult or ironic indeed that some lawmakers had the honour to attend the opening session of the House of representatives only then absconded and that some of them might make his presence (KHAD, KHAD) and another decided not to attend and the flood occurs with the conviction that the flood has not and will not happen for some deputies even burnt all the people of Iraq or Iraq half died. We hereby we admonish the bitterness and cruelty some of the representatives of the people who preferred interests and provided their spoils and tell them that the Prosecutor (agreeing) to attend parliamentary sessions and does not discuss the issues and challenges that fateful divisions plaguing the nation and is not involved in resolving crises, his presence in the House of representatives returns and messes. We wish to find echo confirm Vice President House Humam Hamoudi, who said that the Council will announce this week the names of lawmakers who will be allowed to remain in the Council because of exceeding the limit of absences and sincerely wish also to publish the list of absences the House to the public accurately and impartially and objectively and not undergo fraud also revealed that the State of law Coalition mp emotions grace said Litteris list of absences the House Council recently published incorrect evidence of Parliament over their absences The legal limit and attributed to them (9) absences only courtesy are required to adopt electronic fingerprint system.