Based on the guidance of Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese Minister for Trade Commission address the rumor need to clarify the mechanism and the work of the ministry with full transparency to the Iraqi people

A working group in charge of the Martyr al-Sadr's office in Jerusalem secret Sadr City Committee visited and met with Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jabri TYRE office.

The delegation conveyed the greetings of the visiting Minister of Commerce and briefed him on the mechanics of the Ministry's work and the need to bring the reality of the ministry effort and the difficulties they face in these difficult Aldharov.

The delegation also gave a detailed explanation of the reasons for stopping the processing of citizens who are over the age of eighty-year and the need to clarify that for the citizens of the platform through Friday, especially since the platform Friday represents a great base for a slice of the poor.

Mr. Jabri and assured the visiting delegation the transfer of this visit and its objectives to the Commission for the Friday sermon in Najaf and clarify the ministry's efforts and Mlakatha in this difficult circumstance and austerity campaign announced by the Iraqi government.