Trade. Launches initiative to reduce construction materials available in its stores (10-50%)

General company for trade in construction materials Trade Ministry initiative to reduce the prices of construction materials found in company stores and an estimated (10%) (50%) The price of these materials according to their types and quantities and limits of article 84 and characterized by quality and capacities known
He stressed that the company's General Manager Adnan Al-sharifi's News Centre of the Ministry of Commerce, adding that the study prepared by the Marketing Department and the Division of research at the company included reducing rates of 84 substance found in its stores beginning of iron altslig of Ukraine and sanitary articles (accessories bathrooms and laundries) and presented to the Board of directors unanimously approved the terms of select first next April as the launch date for sale price reduced in Baghdad and other provinces , Indicating that this initiative is in line with the conditions of the country balazafah to support reconstruction and Iraqi families in liberated areas to build their homes and destroyed and damaged by military operations.

Saying it was good and bank address Mesopotamia to launch loans to citizens in the liberated areas to buy in installments and waiting for their answer.

Pointing out that the company seeks to facilitate the cutting of construction materials and get rid of the complex procedures that burden citizens and meet the desire of citizens to acquire construction materials company's sound, shifting article rebar measuring 16 mm and quantity (64140) tons of the company's branch in the province of Basra to freedom as well as the transfer of stores (102,900) tons of iron elpla Rossi measuring 16 mm rebar Malaysian measuring 16 mm and quantity (43250) tons of company branch in Diwaniyah to freedom in stores Baghdad.