The formation of a parliamentary committee to activate the law of postpaid

On: Wednesday 21/3/2012 6:10

 Baghdad / term
A member of the Economic Commission National Alliance MP Abdul-Abbas Xiaa the formation of a subcommittee made ​​up of parliamentary committees concerned to study and to activate the law of payment on credit for the purpose of submission to the House of Representatives for a vote,
ruled that the weighing of the project rests with the state that Iraq is coming to increase the revenues of financial derived from oil.

A broadly in a press statement on Tuesday: The formation of a subcommittee composed of members of parliamentary committees of the three involved (finance, economics, investment, services and construction) to follow up and study a bill payment on credit, the fact that the project includes the bush financial and investment services to the citizen, and then will report to the Presidency of the Council Representatives for the purpose of the second reading of the project and then vote on it.
He added that the law is necessary to apply for the time being the fact that Iraq desperately need to projects and services, and that he would not burden the state and the public budget that the debt be paid after several years of implementation of the project and these periods are estimated by experts Odhu matter and the jurisdiction.
and broadly: that the law and in the coming years will increase the production capacity and export of oil, which would increase its revenue financial earned them, so instead of to keep the Iraqi citizen is expected to increase its revenue finance, it is now begin the process of implementation of projects and payment is on credit.
warned against economic analyst Ibrahim Mashhadani from the ratification of the payment on credit by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, as it would hurt the national economy through load balancing of public funds is very large, calling for increased allocations of the investment budget for the implementation of projects in the country.
Mashhadani said in an earlier statement (of the Agency news): The country does not requires projects to be established method of payment on credit the fact that its budget the financial hit (100) billion, and this is the biggest budget in the history of Iraq and the region surrounding it, but needs to increase financial allocations for the investment budget, for the advancement of all sectors of the economy.
He added that the method of payment on credit will fall upon the Iraqi state and the general budget and will carry large sums of money through borrowing and increased interest, and the owner of the project will be the "Almtfdil" and puts the price at which he wants.