House of Representatives discusses the events of Taza and vote on a law to encourage doctors anesthesia Final for the day .

House of Representatives voted in its regular seventeen headed by Sheikh Hamoudi, First Deputy Chairman of the Board and in the presence of 257 deputies on Tuesday, 15/03/2016, on the law and ended the second reading of the law, in addition to discussing the chemical bombardment of Taza in Kirkuk.
At the outset of the meeting through the Sheikh Hamoudi sympathy Council and participation in condemnation of what has happened in terms of Taza in Kirkuk bombing attack by organizing Daash terrorist chemical weapons, in advance thanked the Council for ladies and gentlemen MPs who visited the city and support for people living with, valuing provide medical aid from various countries, including the sending of the Republic Iranian team doctors specialist as well as the intention of other countries to provide assistance in this regard.
Mr. First Deputy Speaker of Parliament pointed out that the bombing of Taza chemical weapons represents a new phenomenon in the war with Daash reminiscent bombed Halabja and marshes which proves affiliation of the terrorist organization of the Baath Saddam, calling on the world to confront the phenomenon of terrorism and urging the Ministry of Health to intensify its presence in the side and sending specialists gun chemical to treat the injured.
Sheikh Hamoudi pointed to reach the Presidency meeting to inter results including those related to the program the government sent by the prime minister, which will be distributed to the parliamentary committees be considered by according to its terms of reference, revealing that the current week will declare the names of the deputies who exceeded the limit of absence, which leads to prevent their continued membership of the Council.
His Eminence explained that any contrary statement of reality and touches him the misuse of the Council or one of its members will be referred to the Committee on parliamentary behavior, especially that some of the MPs involved in determine how the House of Representatives campaign, noting that the committee refund contraband will be held tomorrow, meeting at the First Vice President of the Council Office.
The Council voted on draft encourage anesthesiologists and provided law The Health and Environment Committee for the purpose of encouraging doctors to work in the branches of anesthesia in health institutions and to attract the owners of the Iraqi medical expertise migrating in section mentioned to fill the shortfall in this specialty, support and outsourcing health professionals assistants and technicians anesthesia.
In another matter, the House of Representatives discussed the events of Taza in Kirkuk province and Matardt him of the bombing of chemical weapons at the hands of the terrorist organization Daash.
This was followed by Deputy Prime Arshad Salhi Human Rights Commission issued a statement denounced the organization Daash crimes against civilians in Taza , noting that the terrorist organization used 40 missile equipped with mustard gas and chlorine , wounding 800 people, adding that on- site detection showed that the gas used in the city of mustard type (hb) and led to the death of a child, calling for detecting countries that supplied weapons to the terrorist organization and considered environmentally contaminated Taza area as well as work on the edit area of Bashir Daash.
The statement called for the convening of an emergency session of the UN Security Council and to consider the Matardt him Taza of crimes of genocide and to bring the case after documented to the International Criminal Court as well as demand from the Ministry of Health and the ministries concerned to provide assistance to local and international organizations documented the crimes and presented in international forums.
For his part, drew MP Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu , the House of Representatives decision to that suffered by the Turkmens of serious crimes at the hands of terrorism as well as marginalization at the political level, indicating that the control Daash gangs on the village of Bashir led to the exposure of the city of Taza continuous bombing , which led to the death of dozens of people of the city, he criticized the international silence and local about the risks to the city of Taza bombed with chemical weapons.
In turn, MP Hassan Turhan explained that the use of Daash terrorist mustard marks a dangerous turn you should pay attention to him, which requires a united stand by the countries of the world in order to fight it, calling on the government and the House of Representatives to send a team to document the injuries with the importance of the work of the Foreign Ministry on the internationalization of the issue.
As MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar to send a delegation to the Kurdistan region to prepare for a military operation for a wide purge Turkmen areas of the organization Daash.
Demanded Rep. Ahlam al - Husseini and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to submit a request for an emergency session of the Security Council to issue a UN resolution in this regard and urged the head of the EU mission for Iraq , to refer the case to the Union and ask the UN to send a specialized technical team with chemical weapons into the city with a medical team to treat the injuries, in addition to the call of the Arab League to convene emergency hearing in this matter.
In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives MP Abbas al - Bayati to vote on the cancellation of the dissolved Revolutionary Command related to farmlands in Bashir Council resolutions, as well as invited international organizations and the League of Arab States to the attention of the matter.
MP Ribawar Taha central government to form a higher committee to gather information and evidence about the crime and presented at international forums.
She called MP Hanan al to the need to document the crime and its internationalization through the Foreign Ministry to its true role in this case.
And it urged the MP Vian Dakhil Committee on offense Taza not to delay and go to international forums to publicize what had happened.
For his part, MP Salah al-Jubouri, the need for the central government's move as fast as for the Liberation of neighboring Taza areas and the dimensions of the danger for them.
He stressed MP of quitting the importance of developing the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces military plan for the Liberation of Bashir area quickly, denying that US forces had handed over the Iraqi government for the terrorist who was arrested recently and accused of responsibility for the manufacture of chemical weapons.
MP Mahmoud Hassan commander of the armed forces to apply the defense of national integrity and to engage in events areas and arrest terrorists Act.
Then the face of Sheikh Hamoudi committees and human health and foreign, security and defense on the subject of crime and the rights of relations to take a position on the events and to make recommendations for a vote on Thursday.
On the other hand, followed by MP Qutaiba al-Jubouri, a statement on the heinous crime committed by the organization Daash terrorist on Friday the execution of a young people of Sharqat for having to raise the Iraqi flag over the tower for communications and downloaded banner Daash, praising the role of the heroic martyr Ali Eid al-Jubouri for refusing to extremist ideology Aldaasha, appealing to troops security to expedite the liberalization spend Sharqat Conception of terrorism.
Then followed the House of Representatives Al-Fatihah on the spirit of the martyr al-Jubouri, and the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.
Also delivered MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi statement alive the martyr Ali Eid al-Jubouri, who raised the Iraqi flag and come down flag Daash terrorist, which led to his martyrdom at the hands of terrorists, pointing to the formation of three secret cells in the district of Sharqat linked Saraya al-popular crowd and carrying out anti-regulation Daash consisted burn points and, most recently to board the martyr Ali Eid communications tower and raising the Iraqi flag instead of the flag of the terrorist organization, stressing the need for attention to the rights of the martyrs, and the anniversary of his death to be a day of celebration of the Iraqi flag.
The Presidency has decided to postpone the reading and discussion of the draft report of the First Amendment of the Law on Commercial Agency No. 51 of 2000 and submitted by the legal committees, economy and investment law until the arrival of the rate of government law.
Council postponed the reading and discussion of the draft report of the Islamic Development Bank loan (draft law and the draft law on ratification Istisnaa agency Istisnaa between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Islamic Development Bank and sponsored by the committees of foreign financial relations Convention on the Law at the request of Foreign Relations Committee .
And approved of the Presidium of the Council on request For the security and defense committee to postpone reading the report and discuss the project to build foreigners and submitted by the committees of security, defense and lawLegal Committee .
I finished reading the report and discuss the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the international Convention on the Law Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations, services and reconstruction.
In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki stressed that Iraq is suffering a lot of problems in the sea lanes involving Iraq with neighboring countries, calling for the need to vote on the Convention.
It demanded Rep. Nora Albjara government and executive authorities to send a draft of the agreements to the House of Representatives for deliberation before they are approved or rejected.
In its reply to the interventions it stressed the importance of the Committee on the Convention in realizing the benefits of Iraq, which requires a vote, noting that the front of the House of Representatives to approve or reject the agreement option.
In another matter, Sheikh Hamoudi, first deputy head of the Council called The Commission services and reconstruction to create the Federal Service Law and submit the names of candidates for board service in line with the ongoing reforms for a vote.

And then it decides to adjourn the meeting until the day next Thursday, 17.3.2016.

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