Federal court postpones considering to cancel the position of vice president

(Independent) .. Federal Supreme Court decided in a meeting held today, to postpone the proceedings to appeal against the cancellation of positions of President of the Republic.
The judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, spokesman for the federal judiciary, "The court decided to delay at the request of the President of the Republic agent in addition to his job, which is a third party in the proceedings to submit a list containing the position of the decision to cancel these positions."
He Birqadr "also decided to defer consideration of the lawsuit challenged the Iraqi Media Network Act," pointing out that "the plaintiffs demanded Amhalam to provide an answer to the list of the nine points contained Answer defendant (Chairman of the Board of Representatives in addition to his job)."
"The postponement also included a lawsuit asked the referee declared unconstitutional the second amendment to the law of governorates not organized in a region the law," pointing out that "the postponement got to build prosecutor asked him and his agent and Prime Minister in addition to his job, to the presence of a new draft law in the Council of Ministers address the points raised in cases urgently. "
The official spokesman for the judiciary, and went on that "the postponement of these cases got to the 19th of the month of April next year."