Commerce initiated the reduction of construction materials increased (10-50%)

BAGHDAD / JD / .. announced a public company for the trade of construction materials in the Ministry of Commerce for its initiative to reduce the prices of construction materials in the company's stores and by an estimated (10%) to (50%) of the price of those materials and according to their types and quantities, and the limits of Article 84 and characterized by quality and Mnaciha known.
Confirmed by the company's general manager Adnan al-Sharifi said in a written statement received / JD / copy of the study by the marketing department and the Division of Research at the company included a reduction of 84 material prices in its stores starting from Material Iron Altljug Ukrainian and ending health materials (bathrooms, laundries extensions) and presented to the the board of Directors and approved unanimously identified as the first of the month of April as the date for the launch of sales discount prices in Baghdad and the provinces.
He said this initiative is in line with the circumstances through which the country Balmavh to support the construction process and the Iraqi families in liberated areas to build homes that were destroyed and damaged by military operations, noting that he has been addressing the bank Rafidain and Rasheed to launch loans for citizens in the liberated areas to buy materials installments and wait their answer.
He noted that the company is seeking to facilitate the cutting of construction materials and the disposal of the complex procedures that burden the citizens and meet the desire of citizens for the acquisition of discreet construction materials that deal with the company where she redeploy material rebar measuring 16 mm and the amount of action (64 140 tonnes) of the company's branch in the province of Basra to liberty stores, as well as transfers (102,900) tons of iron Fashio Rossi measuring 16 mm rebar Malaysian measuring 16 mm and the amount (43 250 tonnes) of the company's branch in the province of Diwaniyah freedom to stores in Baghdad.