Wrath of the men on the conscription Facebook ignites in Iraq

2016-03-15 19:37:50 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

After less than 24 hours to declare the Department of Defense for military conscription law, flared social networking site "Facebook" the most widespread in Iraq conflicting comments, most of which carried the tone of "angry" not abandoned the ironic phrases.

Ministry of Defense, explained that the Defense Council voted unanimously to conscription law, stressing that released at this time was "intentional did not arbitrarily" and attributed the cause to what Iraq faces of "terrorist threats", expected to object to the law, while considered that the law would restore the national balance and the elimination of sectarian divisions and accelerates the community building.

"Year of the tyrants . "

Mohammed Jassim, a young activist in the field of human rights, it seemed Mmteda of the law, and commented on his page on "Facebook" , saying, " The conscription years of dictatorships and tyrants, and the holocaust of new complementary offerings Saddam .. and Happy Return to the authority of the officer and the sergeant and bribes."

Alan Sabah Amin, he believes that the government of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi "wiser", persisting by saying " I do not Odhan they would approve the new mandatory service law .. On the one hand the situation in the security, political and economic of the country and even social is not appropriate for the recruitment of young people for military service there is administrative corruption and sectarian problems and the crisis of confidence afflicting the people. "

He adds Amin, " on the other hand , even when the stability of the situation in the country makes no sense to waste the energies of youth and hamper their ambitions to waste a great time and effort to the Iraqi young mandatory service , " adding that "better to have a small professional army number, but good training and arming the advantage of professionalism and experience , as in the rest of the civilized world. "

Hasan Abdullah, he is against conscription, attributing the cause to it "could be the ruler of tyranny and slavery of the people, also it encourages narcissism rulers to wage wars and bring devastation," and goes Abdullah as far as to say, "No and a thousand times no, I will not serve thieves they are the country 's wealth and their children slept Rgda. "

Other activists on the "Facebook" have expressed their anger over the law , saying, that conscription is perhaps an opportunity for the state to get a lot of money to cover the deficit in the budget, by obtaining the service instead, which means that " the poor will be the victim in all cases."

Karim Saad, says explicitly, "I wanted to volunteer and tasted bitter was not Ttoiei , " noting that " the reason is a request large bribe him to accept it , and that if the thousands of young people who are interested in volunteering, but they are confronted with a strong obstacle of nepotism and corruption, and they have to pay to ensure their acceptance."

And bridge Saad comment, "Before the resolution , which goes a livelihood and takes those who are unsuitable for service, there are young people in the prime of life are willing to volunteer and can embrace , " noting that " the popular crowd testament to the love of the homeland, where he rushed the men by the thousands to volunteer without the law they need, but most of them now neglected by the government do not reach their salaries. "

It does not protect the homeland , but his men

Others I feel sympathy with the law, including Hassan Kamel, who commented, "ready to recruit for the expulsion of terrorism and homeland defense , " and wondered, "If I did not go and others will not go, of defending the country, do you rented men from Bangladesh?".

His opinion was shared Salim Abdul Kader, who wrote , saying, "Why not Valaskarah factory of Champions and men, they learn patience and suck rampant unemployment in the community, which is the reason for the deviation of many young people, so the recruitment can be treated with a lot of negatives, a condition that is applied fairly and professionally ".

The Ministry of Defence announced, on Monday, the Defense Council voted unanimously to conscription law, pointing out that it has created all national justifications supporting the project, insisting that the decision comes equivalent to the resolution to dissolve the Iraqi army, to treat him from re - national balance and the elimination of sectarian divisions and it accelerates the community building.

She stressed that the law qualifies young people and has an economic significance by being absorbed momentum unemployment, and works to increase the institutional rehabilitation through the provision of human cadres qualified to defend Iraq.

The Iraqi army date back to the year 1921, saluting the first units of the armed forces was established during the British Mandate of Iraq at the time, where a regiment of Imam Moussa al - Kadhim and took command of the armed forces general headquarters in Baghdad, followed by the formation of the Iraqi Air Force in 1931 , then Iraqi Navy in in 1937, after the US - led invasion of Iraq in 2003 , the civil administrator of Iraq , Paul Bremer , then issued a decision to dissolve the Iraqi army, the army was re - forming and arming again, with the abolition of compulsory service.

Iraqi army and ranked 112 globally according to the website (globalfirepower), 2015, and are subject to all branches of the Iraqi armed forces to the authority of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, which is the prime minister.