Oil prices fell to $ 38

15/3/2016, 14:15

It decreased oil "Brent" price, on Tuesday, more than a dollar in the futures to $ 38.67 a barrel, died abundant supply.

And worsening economic climate in the oil price crisis, having fallen to unprecedented levels last year, according to the stated "Reuters".

While US crude fell to $ 36.41 for Brmel.oaota decline in oil prices, in the wake of Iran's refusal to join a number of producing countries that are looking to reduce the production ceiling.

He said Iran's oil minister, Begin Zanganeh, that his country will not join the talks to reduce the production ceiling, but while the production of four million barrels Aumia.orjeht "OPEC" to fall in global demand for its crude in 2016, contrary to what was expected, and that due to oversupply in the market.