Housing Fund: We will launch soon help you get loans and disbursement mechanism for citizens

03/15/2016 12:17

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Housing Fund confirmed on Tuesday near the launch of the new regulations on housing loans approved by the Council of Ministers, while noting that the Fund will meet soon to determine the loan disbursement mechanisms.

The Director of the Fund for the media, Nadia Khalid in an interview (long-Presse), "The government has agreed to release the amount of five trillion dinars to fund an initiative to solve part of the housing crisis, according to the new instructions mechanisms already been announced by the Prime Minister's Office."

She said Khaled, that "it is expected that the Fund's Board of Directors will meet soon to organize the work of the distribution of those loans," pointing to "the existence of committees working to accelerate the pace of work and facilitate the task of disbursement of the citizens."

Media Housing Fund director added that "can citizens who have obtained approval to give them the amount of the loan as if the thirty million dinars, or thirty-five million dinars change the amount of loans by changing the contract any access to the amount of the loan could be up to fifty million dinars, and this will be in accordance with instructions and new mechanisms It will be announced soon. "

And endorsed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Wednesday 9 March of this year, to lend to the Housing Fund own mechanisms loans central bank amounting to five trillion Iraqi dinars, as stipulated distribution of loans standard adoption population ratio and the degree of poverty for each province mechanism, also stipulated that no more than the loan about 50 million paid to the beneficiary in two installments.