Delay will waste service projects Dhi Qar calls on the Ministry of Finance to release their allocations

Dated: Tuesday 03/15/2016 7:12

Iraq today
Called on the governor of Dhi Qar - Yahia Nasseri, on Monday, the Ministry of Finance to accelerate the release of allocated for cleanups and service projects funds, to blow a whistle warning of "reflection delay on the services provided to citizens."
He said the Nazarene more - citing information office: "The cleaning project, was to be by maintaining financial assignments, of 14 billion dinars in the year, but the amount was reduced to 6 billion dinars during the current year to be up to the province, through payments monthly, $ 500 million, to manage the clean-up work, "and evaluation of conservative value launched by the Ministry of money to them, we read:" the Ministry of Finance, unfortunately, has not launched only 300 million dinars per month, and this will reflect negatively on the services provided to citizens, as well as on wage workers Baltnzivat workers' salaries, "and what he found the Nazarene, worthy of importance:" there is a need to secure the full wages in the cleaning, "vilify said the governor of Dhi Qar:" the administration of the province, already approached the Ministry of Finance on the promotion of workers Baltnzivat wages through petro funds dollars, allocated to the province, but these funds are also not distracted by the ministry mentioned, "returned the Nazarene, to draw to speak to the Ministry of Finance:" I call on the Ministry of Finance to accelerate the release of all allocated to the province of funds, to be able to fulfill its financial obligations, to measure everyday projects service. "