1420 family returned a fugitive from death by organizing "daash" liberated regions by Iraqi forces in the western part of West Central Iraq. 15.03.2016

The head of the Security Committee in the Anbar provincial Council, Rajeh Al-Issawi, "Sputnik", Tuesday, the return of 920 families, a total of 517 people to "znkorh, the modern village, and good" and other areas surrounding.

Al-Issawi said that 500 families, until Monday night, returned to the area, noting the completion of the repatriation of all the families on Tuesday, after Iraqi forces completed the clearing houses and streets of containers and car bombs "daash terrorist after his expulsion.

Relatedly, noted Al-Issawi, an exodus of families from the hit West of Anbar, some Iraqi security forces ready to uproot daash "of Justice.

These areas have not been fully destroyed as the rest of Ramadi, crashed because of that organized "daash" withdrew without fighting mentions the progress of Iraqi forces.

And was not able to organize "daash" bombs in homes last strongholds within Western cutter gray, due to meet families that did not allow for the management of the mass property and mining the streets and vehicles.

And displaced families for a few days at the beginning of March, with the start of the editing operations which ended in record time without loss of Iraqi forces, against the heavy defeat for "daash".