Seventy years after the first Marshall Are Marshall restore America to Iraq?

Dated: Tuesday 03/15/2016 7:14

Tariq Harb - legal expert
As the Iraqi-American Convention, a rule of international law, including the Convention, which he called Iraqi law, on behalf of the strategic framework of the relationship of friendship and cooperation between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America Agreement, when ratified by a vote of parliament took over, and legislation by Law No. (52) for the year 2008 M,
Published in the Official Gazette - Iraqi newspaper facts 24/1/2008 in 4102, recalled that the preamble to this Agreement, as reflected in the facts, emphasize equality between the two countries, and the desire to establish cooperation relations, and to emphasize the Charter of the United Nations, who confirmed in Article II of it the equality of members of the United Nations, including the United States and Iraq, and the first part of this agreement, as has been written in the facts, confirms the relationship of friendship and cooperation between Iraq and America, which is based on mutual respect, non-interference in internal affairs. According to all the foregoing, there is opinion and say you do not need to be told what had happened in the past week, as it was on 03/13/2016 AD, the date for the visit of US medical delegation to Taza hand exposed to chemical weapons Daash, providing what could be made to help medical, and what happened on 3/12/2016 m from the visit of the US consul general in Basra to the chest Hospital, to check on the health status of people living heroes of the popular crowd, and what happened on 3/11/2016, when asked (Samantha Bowers), represented in America United Nations from all over the world with the help of Iraq, the risk carried by the Mosul dam, although the representative of Iraq, did not ask for it, and what happened on 10.03.2016, when the announced US Secretary of State, and must comply with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the balances in the Middle East, and this and other matters, requires governmental and non-governmental agencies, invest the new US position, and decided by the strategic agreement for the benefit of Iraq agreement .. No need to seize this American attitudes in favor of Iraq in combat Daash first, and in the reconstruction of Iraq Secondly, we do not say we must ask the United States a new Marchala, as happened in Marchalha after World war II, which returned to Europe itself and Amrtha again, and this is the responsibility of government official authorities first, and non-official and non-governmental organizations, things are as it seems, is heading for Iraq, contrary to the frequency, which previously, can be explained by the new US position, the victories achieved by the army and security forces and the popular crowd at the fight Daash