Experts call for revitalizing the country's tax system to new economic structure

Under any economic reform process, the ultimate goal is to establish an efficient tax system based on coordination between direct tax and indirect taxes, in addition to providing tax structure would be acceptable and fair among mandate holders, so it has to be radical changes to the reform of the tax system in line with the internal and external environment, where the tax becomes an important tool in dealing with many economic and social problems to the fact that the economy is moving towards openness and change.

Economics expert Hamdi Tariq said (Journal) the tax system "is influenced by the current political system, whether centrally or federally, when diagnosing an environment tax system in Iraq, there are shortcomings and reluctance in the legislation of laws fit with the State's new and not adopting sophisticated methods tax administration international tax revenue is low and does not pose in their finest 10% of the revenues of the State budget ".

While money markets analyst lyes goamer (Journal) the success of the tax regime in Iraq was to amend the legislation and tax law the fact that the tax system has not been given sufficient attention and did not initiate or adapt the tax laws in accordance with clear economic data giving rise to tax speculative launch freedom of speculation tax administration staff were inconsistent with reality applications knowledge of income and wealthTo free the system from tax database, causing tax evasion and improper application of the tax.

So we must amend tax legislation and are consistent with the country's General ". Tariq pointed out that "heavy reliance on direct taxes constituted a flaw in the tax policy of the State tax policy must be geared towards making the tax indirect relative weight among components of the desired tax structure so that the focus on indirect taxes should be an important element in the tax reform programs," adding that "the overall objective of the tax reform is to establish an efficient tax system, Based on fair taxes can be accepted and implemented in practice and achieve a sufficient income, and does not arise only minimal economic distortions ".

As one of the objectives of tax reform to increase economic growth and raise tax revenue and the percentage contribution of total revenue of the general budget.

"The success of any tax system must be based on efficiency in tax collection only through building bridges of trust between the tax administration and law enforcement, as well as to increase awareness of taking tax developments that States are not limited to the method of self-esteem".

It should be noted that developed countries economic systems depend on the tax system as part of the General regulations of the country it influences and is influenced by the situation in political, economic, social, where tax regimes of these countries had to reduce tax evasion by modern methods of its database for all holders of individuals and companies so that facilitated interaction and communication between the departments concerned and by using modern technology employed in banks reflected positively on the performance of tax administration starting from inventory holders tax and transaction promotion And mobilization of annual forms websites ending with the electronic payment method in the tax-transaction was instrumental in completing transactions and shorten the time, expense and effort.