Zebari: freeze oil production plan acceptable to Iraq
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The Finance Minister said Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq, tends to accept a global agreement to freeze oil production to raise prices.
Reuters quoted Zebari as saying in a telephone interview from London, where subject to treatment, "the idea of freezing the production I think it acceptable to all parties and even for us."
"Everyone is suffering from plummeting oil prices.
Zebari declined to discuss the idea put forward by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak except Iran agreement freezing production.
Novak said he was speaking from Tehran that the global agreement to freeze oil production was signed in April with the exception of Iran, which he entitled to strengthen production after years of sanctions.
This comes at a time when the Northern oil company was stopped and administered from the Iraqi Government to supply the pipeline reaches Turkey crude produced by their fields in Kirkuk.
The pipeline transported crude to Ceyhan port on the Mediterranean where they sell the Kurds independently in the world market next to oil produced by the semi-autonomous territory.
And issue a NOC usually 150 barrels a day through the pipeline.
A company official said, asking not to be named, CR stop pumping pipeline from the oil Ministry in Baghdad. "There was no technical fault. That decision from Baghdad. "
The Kurdish Peshmerga forces seized Kirkuk disputed long on oil fields in June 2014 after the withdrawal of the Iraqi army units in the North to provide fighters organized Islamic State who conquered a third of the country's territory.
Since then continued to pump crude oil through the pipeline was turned off for more than three weeks.
Military head Ahmed said oil and gas Committee of the Kirkuk provincial Council to stop pumping after restart the pipeline on Friday.
The source said the North oil company said the company continues to produce crude but store in Kirkuk rather than exported through the pipeline.
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