Parliamentary Services hosts Minister of Construction to inquire about the corrupted files in the activity of the ministry
March 14, 2016

It revealed the decision of the Commission services and reconstruction in Parliament, MP Huda Sajjad, on Monday, will host the Minister of Construction and Housing, municipalities Tariq Kikhany in Parliament next Wednesday, to accountability for corruption cases pertaining to the ministry.
The carpets in a statement the agency of our economy News received a copy of it today, that "the Commission services and reconstruction Parliament will host next Wednesday, Minister of Construction and Housing, municipalities, Tariq Kikhany," indicating that "the hosting will be to discuss the failure is clear and corruption in the distribution and re-Deposit Contractors deposited with the ministry , in the housing and buildings body. "
She added, "The committee will minister wondered about corruption in the distribution of residential complexes and file-based projects."