Sadr described US consul in Basra as "terrorist" and Badr prepared Positive
Date: Mon 03/14/2016
escription cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, on Monday, the US consul in Basra as "terrorist", as called for leaders of the popular crowd to disown quickly from his visit to the mujahideen, warned by saying "may Forewarned is forearmed."
Sadr said in response to a question , and his response about visiting US consul in Basra wounded crowd People are asleep Hospital Sadr Teaching maintain, that "what is happening jihad against Aldoaash both from the security forces or militants in surveys Jihad will remain a jihad Iraqi nothing to do with not America nor any other country at all."
he said al- Sadr "announced after this ill - fated visit dirty as he claims it was a visit to the wounded popular crowd (do not take the whore right though I swore Lord of the worlds), then kept back myself against these anti consulate is not Islam but also the whole of humanity , "he said , adding he was " not for my preoccupation with what is most important I mean government reform, it would have a severe response and Arenahm our Might as Hsdoh of us. "
he called Sadr 's government to" deter this terrorist mean Consul from interfering the affairs of the mujahideen , "and urged the leaders of the crowd to" refrigerant quickly from that visit, otherwise we will be in a ditch is Khandgahm have Forewarned is forearmed . "
He described the body of opinion in the form of the popular crowd member Karim al - Nuri, on Sunday (March 13, 2016), visit the American consul in Basra province Steve Walker wounded popular crowd to" positive , "while he considered" international recognition " by the crowd.
a number of members of the Provincial Council Basra, on Sunday, that the visit of the US Consul Steve Walker to a number of wounded crowd people are asleep in Sadr Teaching Hospital involves a "positive message" to the Iraqi people, as pointed out that the role of "effective" for the crowd in fighting al "Daash" that prompted Americans to treat it as " a different way."
the US Consul General in Basra Steve Walker held, the first on Saturday (12 March 2016), a visit to a number of wounded crowd People are asleep in Sadr Teaching Hospital, the first such visit to the US official, Consul for the wounded symbolic gifts were presented, as expressed in Arabic , which was not used before when talking to the media about his admiration for the role of the crowd in fighting al "Daash", stating that " the United States recognizes the important contribution provided by the popular crowd that, and it is an honor for me to meet some of the young men who fought bravely and sacrificed so much for their country. "