Jubouri approach Abadi ministerial change to a different approach blocs

Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, said the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi approach in the cabinet reshuffle a different approach to the political blocs. "
He said al - Jubouri in a televised statement that "Prime Minister al - Abadi , who proposed the idea of the reshuffle is talking about methodology in the amendment , while the political blocs are talking about a different methodology and there is no consensus in the methodology."
He added that "some political parties say is not important to modify Minister replaces another minister the important thing is to modify the curriculum or provide justification for the reshuffle process. "
he stressed Jubouri" if there was economic reform has to be that we touch or look in the next few days about how that affects amendment minister on economic reform , or that there is some kind of political harmony can not be achieved by amending the ministers designated or there is corruption or figures proved inefficient and this is not only based on a clear assessment and this is being handled by the prime minister class basis as is the head of the government cabin. "
the head of the parliament , " in advance , and it must be made ​​guest ministers to the political blocs and convince her of the need replace some ministers belonging , and then talk afterwards for alternatives. "