Vice plans to put a proposal to the parliament to bind Abadi choosing chairpersons to vote on them

Announced deputy for the coalition of Iraqi forces, said he would submit a proposal, on Tuesday March 15, to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to determine the timeframe for the prime minister to choose the names of the heads of independent bodies, and to vote on them in the Council. "
The MP said Ahmed al - Jarba told all of Iraq [where] "I set up a proposal for the Presidency of the Council of Representatives We will keep, on Tuesday, to determine the timeframe for Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, to choose the names of the heads of independent bodies, institutions and security leaders, in order to vote for them in the Council."
He believed that "Abadi There are no has a clear vision to save the country, through realistic reform advocated by, adding that the fast prime minister and an individual act and without studying a particular mechanism. "
he continued Jarba" the proof of this is that Abadi so far and despite a meeting with all the Shiite blocs, Sunni and Kurdish told him who is negligent of Minister, and who led his role properly, which were not his answer, he can not sort the good from the bad. "
he stressed the need to " get out of ditching partisan, regional , to choose the most suitable for the management bodies and institutions, or the formation of a committee of wise men from the competent authorities do not 40 figure exceeds the number, which is considering the status of the country in general, expected to be the coming days of the most dangerous days to face the people. "
the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said in a speech last Wednesday , March 9 that" As part of the reforms package we developed a program to provide an opportunity for owners expertise and professionals to run for office for the Supreme, as we will have changes in the independent bodies to make them independent and actually managed by professionals competent and independent. "