Sadr launched an attack on the US consul to visit the injured and the crowd he describes as terrorist

launched cleric Moqtada al - Sadr , an attack on the US consul to visit wounded popular crowd in the province of Basra, calling him a "terrorist."
In a question to one of his followers and all of Iraq received [where] a copy of it on a visit by US Consul - wounded crowd the popular " There is no doubt that he has seen on the news of a visit by US Consul Steve Walker in the province of Basra wounded crowd People are asleep in Sadr Teaching Hospital in the province has exported some pro positions to visit the ominous by some political parties and even the views of the popular crowd with extreme regret and we know that America is terrorism in the world sponsor does not do any step , but in line with its interests and its hegemony and control of the people. "
he stated al- Sadr , saying that" what is happening jihad against Aldoaash both from the security forces or militants in surveys Jihad Iraqi jihad nothing to do with America nor any other country at all will survive. "
I am , " said after the visit dirty ominous as he claims it was a visit to the wounded popular crowd Fannie then kept back for myself against these anti consulate not for Islam only , but the whole of humanity. "
he added , " is not my preoccupation with what is most important I mean the government reform would have been a severe response and Arenahm our punishment for what Ahdoh us Hence also ask the government to deter this terrorist mean [Consul] from interfering with the affairs of the Mujahideen and even call on the leaders of the crowd to repudiate quickly that visit, otherwise we will be in a trench is Khandgahm have Forewarned is forearmed. "
the US consul in Basra Steve Walker announced during his visit is the first of the wounded popular crowd in Sadr Teaching Hospital last Saturday, that his government commends the contribution made ​​by the popular crowd of an effort by the Iraqi army in the liberation of the cities and areas from the control of the Iraqi organization Daash.