Abadi al-Jubouri, "excludes" Ministers call for the Islamic Party of the upcoming change

The Deputy of the National Alliance, on Monday, an agreement between the two Prime Ministers and the House of Representatives serving as the "exception" Minister of the Islamic Dawa Party and the Islamic Party of the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle.
He said MP Ali al-Badri said in an interview seen by "Sky Press," that "the" cabinet reshuffle that will get the government, does not include the ministers call for the Islamic Party Party, "pointing to" the existence of an agreement between the presidents of the Council of Minister Haider al-Abadi and the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri on this matter. " .
Al-Badri, said that "the aim of this agreement is not covered by the two parties to change, is the support of Ebadi Jubouri in the shuffle," adding that "there is disappointment on the reforms."
He continued that "the prime minister gives importance only ministerial reform, is not addressed to deputy ministers and directors-general and governors," adding that "the Prime Minister asked the political blocs to present candidates to fill the ministries, which will change its ministers."
The Abadi said in a televised speech aired Wednesday (March 92 016) It has taken a series of measures to prosecute "senior corrupt" and arrest, and as pointed out that implementation of the reforms will not be through the imposition of "fait accompli" and "undermining the security" of Baghdad, confirmed the near implementation cabinet reshuffle "substantial."
As he emphasized Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Sunday, to put the national interest and the completion of the draft reforms that the Iraqi people came out for it, as put forward seven things "necessary for this stage," he said, adding that these things ensure the achievement of reforms and maintaining the country's stability and security and sovereignty.