These five recommendations made by the Transparency International anti-corruption

TI announced on Monday on the status of five recommendations to stop corruption, which citizens and governments can be applied to achieve the desired progress.
The organization said in a statement seen by "Sky Press" that "many countries have made significant progress in curbing corruption, but always working to combat what they were cautious about solutions.
The organization said, "The first item, calling for the need to end impunity, noting that the" application of the law effectively is essential to ensure the punishment of corrupt and break the immunity circle so there will be no impunity, arguing that the successful execution of the law methods must be backed by a strong legal framework, and an independent and effective judicial and civil society to support this process through initiatives provided in this regard.
With regard to item II, Transparency International said, that the reform of public administration and financial management, noting that the reforms focused on strengthening the role of the regulatory bodies with regard to curbing corruption, through the budget statement, which prevents waste of resources and taking it.
As for the third item, it said the organization, it is to promote transparency and access to information, pointing out that the successful countries in curbing corruption has a long tradition of open government and freedom of the press and transparency in the provision of information, pointing out that this would increase the level of response bodies government, at a time to have a positive effect on the levels of public participation in the country of the country.
It recommended the organization in the fourth item, the need to enable citizens to hold the government accountable and fight corruption, saying that a strong approach helps to build mutual trust between citizens and the government, pointing out that the society, which monitors the initiatives made in some cases to contribute to the detection of corruption, and the reduction of smuggling money and improve how and how public services.
In conclusion, the organization, the fifth item, is to close international loopholes, saying that without access to the global international system, the public officials corrupt all over the world would be unable to money laundering and concealing profits reap from state assets, as well as the major financial centers need, urgently, to implement methods to stop banks and offshore financial centers collaborating to absorb the illicit financial flows.