Planning for [where]: damage Anbar very eloquent and an international donors' conference in April next year

Described the Ministry of Planning and the size of the damages in the liberated cities in Anbar province as "very serious."
He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al - Hindawi told all of Iraq [where] that "large and very severe damage in Anbar and the reality of Salahuddin province are better off than in this aspect."
He added, " The magnitude of the devastation in Anbar possible to be increased by 80% overall these estimates include electricity, housing, services and other infrastructure sector, but teams are still working to survey the damage and the needs of the reconstruction process , "noting" not yet figures are final and details on the extent of damage required for the reconstruction and the amounts we receive. "
He Hindawi, that" work is continuing in preparation of detailed reports about the reality of liberated cities , but with the continuation of military operations in Anbar , it is not easy to prepare these reports once and for all, the ratio remains within the preliminary estimates and are not based on a thorough field survey. "
He stressed" the need for huge amounts of money for the reconstruction of a comprehensive and stakeholders are now working to restore stability , "adding that" there are in accordance with the Iraqi government to convene an international donors ' conference for the reconstruction of liberated areas. "
and the spokesman of the Ministry of planning, said that" the process of achieving stability in these regions will be the first two stages to provide the basic necessities of life from the water and electricity services and stage other projects strategy and this has set up a government fund as the reconstruction of liberated areas but allocated to it within a few budget amounts but not enough to meet the stability and reconstruction requirements. "
He continued Hindawi" there is a trend towards openness to the donor countries and an international conference and probably in the month of April next year to receive grants and international aid to support this fund to enable his duties with the reconstruction of the affected areas. "
the team of the United Nations , said on the fourth of this March that the destruction in the city of Ramadi , " a stunning and worse than anywhere else in Iraq , "and that after his first visit to assess the situation in the city , which restored Iraqi forces from organizing Daash the end of last year.
he concluded the UN team that was over two days that all the buildings almost located in the front regions either destroyed or damaged evaluate, and said that " a house of three or four homes in other areas exposed to damage."
showed to analysis by the United Nations in February last on the satellite imagery that about 5700 building in Ramadi and its environs suffered since mid - 2014 and that about 2,000 homes were completely destroyed. the
Iraqi government , which has suffered from financial crisis , international donors and appeals to help the reconstruction of Ramadi, and the government should remove the bombs planted by terrorists in the streets and houses an effort that needs to funds do not have available, and the international team said that the largest number of bombs is concentrated in the south and center of the city.