Cabinet announces new regulations for the registration of imported vehicles

Council of Ministers announced the controls registered imported vehicles for the first time in the traffic circles yet determine how the vehicle registered.
The decree No. 68 of 2016 on the application of controls on vehicles re - registered in the governorates not organized province of owners and holders who live in these provinces.
And committed decision all traffic departments to ensure completion of tax and customs settlements when recorded, are as follows:
- 500 thousand dinars for trucks and heavy equipment, agricultural construction vehicles, all kinds of vehicles manufactured by General Company for the manufacture of cars, buses transport 12 passengers and above.
- 1.5 million dinars for the bus passenger transport 12 passengers or less .
- million dinars vehicles saloon (4) Cylinder, pregnancy of 1-16 tons, and the vehicle cab (taxi) saloon.
- 3 million dinars per vehicle saloon (6) Cylinder ATV quad 4 Cylinder payment.
- 4 million dinars vehicle quad 8 Cylinder pay
- 6 million dinars vehicle armor (armored).
the resolution also cancel all decisions that are contrary to the provisions of this resolution with the exception of imported vehicles for the disabled and imported for the use of police and military operations.
applied this decision on vehicles that entered before its release date has not been determine how the vehicle interview that It is recorded in the province of irregular province after paying the registration fee referred to in item I reduce the proportion of 25% each year passed since the first recording.
the resolution gives notice three months to re - register vehicles in the traffic circles of the owners and holders who live in the governorates not organized province.