Opening of the Rafidain Bank in Tikrit, management confirms the loss of
more than 40 billion dinars during the period (daash) 2016/06/14

The Government inaugurated Monday, Rafidain Bank branch in the city of Tikrit, while stressing it is an important step to move the economic wheel, confirmed the loss of more than 40 billion dinars during the period of control (daash) city.

Bank Branch Manager in Tikrit told Pamela (range), that "our day celebration in the presence of County Government for banking after the completion percentage of the restoration".

Hamada said that "Bank building suffered vandalism and theft during the period of control (daash) Tikrit, but with concerted efforts we were able to complete part of the restoration campaign to do our usual", pointing out that "reports marked our bank confirms the loss of more than 40 billion dinars was stolen during that period".

In turn called Secretary General Slaheddine mukhlif Al-dulaimi, return to "fight any attempt of money laundering".

Al-dulaimi said in an interview with the (range) "life of the banking business in Tikrit is an important step but we warn and call to not allow any attempted money laundering."

Dulaimi stressed "the need to adopt the principle of (know your customer) and call the Bank management to increase staff efficiency and improve the quality of services provided to the reviewers and easier to create mutual trust."

Referred to the good Bank and agriculture in Tikrit are breakthrough for their banking over the past year approximately, while agricultural loans nearly 400 million dinars, and waits for the agricultural bank transfer 2 trillion dinars calculated according to the initiative of the Central Bank.