Anbar: al-Jubouri, and we went back to question the right of the province for negligence in Parliament

Said the Anbar province, Sunday, that al-Jubouri, a visit to the province discussed several files, the most prominent of displaced persons and remnants of war and the reconstruction of the city, adding that he promised to interrogate all the negligent government officials.
A member of the Anbar Provincial Council Jassim's honey / balances News / "The visit of the President of Parliament, Salim al included a brief him on the editing operations west of Ramadi, as well as discuss the conditions of the liberated areas of the city."
He added that the honey "The visit also discussed the issue of lifting the remnants of war on the territory of the liberated areas and through the Ministry of Health and the environment and the process of reconstruction of the city, in addition to the lack of humanitarian assistance that is delivered to the displaced families."
He noted, that "this visit came a formal request by the Council of Anbar province, for the purpose of information on the conditions of al-Jubouri, the province and the displaced families in order to put pressure on the central government to extend a helping hand to those families."
He explained that "al-Jubouri, and we came back asking all our problems on the government and then the interrogation and to hold accountable any officer falling short within the parliament."
And it went on Sunday morning, House Speaker Salim al-Anbar province, and met with officials in the province and security leaders and field in Ramadi and briefed on the situation in the liberated areas.