Parliamentary Integrity: To Anmana of the inclusion of the corrupt and venal general amnesty provided

It revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, on Sunday, their consent to the inclusion of spoilers and outgoing sentenced to charges of corruption and financial embezzlement general amnesty on condition retrieve the money that Achtlsoeha.
The committee member said Ardalan Noordin's / balances News / The "Sharing the committee comprehensively involved corruption or bribery Almtalpsin general amnesty decisions."
Noureddine said that "in order to keep the public right of the state and the citizen, it must be recovery of the money that was embezzled by corrupt before being released under a general amnesty decisions."
He pointed out that "this represents an opportunity to Attar comes to anyone Salt him the same in the previous period of committing corruption against the citizens."
The parliamentary legal committee, was confirmed on Saturday, continuing the dispute over the terrorism clause contained in the draft of the amnesty law, while the law suggested the inclusion on the agenda of the meetings of Parliament agenda during the week Gara.