Jaafari: Iran enters our territory and our own Visa Iraqi

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari commented on the withdrawal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the discussions at the Arab League meeting, saying: "withdrew objecting on a single one to talk during lateral dialogue, not the speech I delivered, and left the place, and these things partial occur, and we must overcome them."
Jaafari said in remarks to the newspaper "opinion" of Kuwait: "my speech addressed several important issues, and they had to pay attention to it, including the Iraqi file , which has not received adequate attention from the Arab League, and commensurate with the tender Iraq from Iraqi blood wastage and sacrifices of the martyrs who have hobbled their lives to the sky in defense of Iraq and all Arab and non - Arab countries. "
He said: "I wish that Iraq is having the greatest amount of praise and appreciation, support and services and humanitarian side, even compensate for the loss of Iraq presented to defend them, so Attabt them, and then I ran to the other files."
He stressed, that "Iraq has held up despite the challenges, and be a great example of an integrated, so I thought it fitting that returned to their minds what is going to Iraq, then headed to the regional issue that our relationship with Turkey , and still do , we want a strong, but not at the the expense of sovereignty, and we are from the reality of our strength we stick strong relationship with Turkey, but was re - repeat, not at the expense of Iraqi sovereignty. "
The seal - Jaafari: "It is the reality of the Iraqi force stick to our relationship with Iran, especially as they stood with us in adversity and problems, enough that Iran has not permeate in Iraqi affairs militarily , such as Turkey , which is penetrated by extension 110 kilometers forcibly penetrated our sovereignty, but Iran enters our territory Visa Iraqi and our will and under our supervision. "