Tariq Harb: New Amnesty Law exempts Daash damaging effects of crime

He said the legal expert Tareq Harb, that " the draft general amnesty law includes an exemption Daash terrorist gangs for the crime of damaging effects.
He said the war in a statement, said that "this bill includes an exemption Daash for the crime of the demolition of relics and ancient buildings, heritage and uprooted and distort it in spite of the large and serious crime committed by Daash the destruction and demolitions and the uprooting and distort a lot of relics and heritage buildings and archaeological sites which can not be physical and moral value of visualizing ".
He explained , "as the amnesty law as the original was excludes a crime only the smuggling of antiquities and this means that the crime of damaging effects included an amnesty that is to say it was smuggled antiquities is not covered by an amnesty either assume damaging effects , it is covered by an amnesty because he Antiquities and Heritage Law No. 55 of 2002 , the difference between the crime of smuggling effects of crime and destruction of antiquities and this distinction because the issue of acceptable mental relics smuggling remains the name of Iraq on these effects and could be back after years or for a long time. "
He continued , "The damaging effects it would mean an end to those effects and the name of Iraq not be possible to replay never any that damaging effects of the most damaging and severity of smuggled We do not know why the amnesty project included offense of damaging effects pardon either as original or as after the amendments mentioned by one of the members of the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary ?. "
He said the war "as we do not know Is that this was a deliberate intentional or was wrong and negligent or whether the Parliament sees as damaged by him Daash from the effects of the legacy and the impact of a simple matter possible coverage of amnesty or is it that the inclusion of Daash amnesty for this crime falls under the national reconciliation and political agreement ??! ".
The legal expert said , "All Almssagat and justifications announced by employers , the law of the inclusion Daash amnesty for this crime damaging effects can not be accepted absolutely correct exception offense damaging effects of amnesty or income in the text of the rule of absolute respect for Daash includes an exception Daash of all the crimes committed by including crime damaging effects and failure to extend the amnesty Daash and the subject of the offenses covered by amnesty and crimes excluded from the amnesty needs to a new study from the owners of the experience. "