Jubouri: the destruction of a huge gray .. and the governor of Anbar province: the reconstruction process that requires an international effort

Description Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , who arrived in Anbar province , today the scale of destruction in the city of Ramadi , which was liberated from the terrorist gangs Daash end of last year from Daash terrorist gangs as "phenomenal."
He called al - Jubouri , during a joint news conference with the governor of Anbar province Suhaib al- Rawi was held in Ramadi, the international community to "pay attention to the city of Ramadi , in light of the massive destruction, and that contributes to a major effort to restore stability and reconstruction and infrastructure."
He stressed that "military operations still exist in some areas and most importantly restore stability and reconstruction , "calling for" the owners of wisdom and conscience good to do their part to remove all differences and start a new page , the basis of which cooperation and harmony and reject all political and social differences because these differences reported maintain what we have seen from the presence of terrorism and the displaced. "
He explained that" the return of civilian life is clearly the return of the displaced students , "noting that he" got some assurances and promises for the return of displaced persons efforts of people of the province and continuous hard work in this aspect. "
declared al - Jubouri , " it was the day the distribution of water to all the gray areas, and efforts are ongoing to rehabilitate areas for the return of the citizens , "adding that" some companies over the next few days , a great job of removing roadside bombs in order to ensure a quick return of the displaced. "
for his part, the governor of Anbar Suhaib al- Rawi need Anbar large reconstruction process and international Ejehod said during the conference that" the reconstruction of the province need a major international effort as we speak now on re initial stability to re - displaced people. "
he noted that" reconstruction project is a big project and there is a fund for the reconstruction of the affected areas and is working in coordination with the prime minister and the three presidencies to hold an international conference for the reconstruction of the affected areas Anbar will be covered by it. "
he noted the governor of Anbar to" informed Prime parliament on a lot of problems and the achievements that have been achieved through specialized quads were running large gray water that feeds most of the areas of the city project. "
announced" for near Ramadi equipped with generators electricity , "pointing out that" the health sectors working on the rehabilitation of health centers , "he said . " we all energies for the rehabilitation of the city continues to work to lift mines and improvised explosive devices.