Council Maysan reveals commit violations of the law firm Petrojayna

Maysan Provincial Council revealed on Saturday, the existence of irregularities committed by the Chinese Petrojayna company, including the entry of foreign workers without gripping authenticity of passports, and while the company demanded payment of what Bzmtha financial entitlements and treatment of diseases of cancer caused by oil residue, threatened to take legal and administrative procedures in the event of the company has not cooperated with the local government.

He said the Maysan provincial council member Mohammed Majid Hilfi said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy News, "The Petrojayna China and its allies from foreign companies company, still operates in the extraction of oil in the southern fields to maintain, namely the Halfaya field, which is the largest fields that emits oil to Basra, "noting that" these companies were not clear in their work, especially in the contracts signed with foreign companies. "

Hilfi promised, that "a breach and clear the work of the provincial council," and urged the Oil Ministry, "informs the Council of what is happening in those contracts."

He Hilfi, that "there are many suspicions hovering in the corridors of the contracting companies with Petrojayna company," returned to "the right of the Council to brief on every arcane detail in the oil companies, the fact that its citizens matter."

Among Hilfi, that "the amounts of social benefits that are still owed the company had not been delivered to their relatives, as well as other obligations that have not been implemented so far," adding that "the projects referred to the foreign companies pass through the 37 committee Petrojayna company, between referral and contracting and scrutiny. "

He stressed member of the Board of Maysan, the need for that "there is a link between those companies and the provincial council, especially after the transfer of federal powers," and threatened to "take legal and administrative procedures in the absence of the Chinese company's cooperation with the local government of Maysan."

He revealed Hilfi, for "The Council receive security information indicating the presence of foreign workers in Petrojayna company admitted without passports or official gripping," and urged the company to "pay what Bzmtha dues and implementation of service projects, and treatment of diseases of cancer caused by oil residue on the company's account as well as the adoption of cleaning project. "