Albzona: The federal government is stalling the implementation of water projects in Basra

The head of the provincial council in Basra, Hassan Albzona morning, the federal government is not serious about meeting the demands of the local government in the administration needed to solve the problem of scarcity and salinity of water in the province projects.

He Albzona in a press statement seen by the agency of our economy News that the Cabinet does not have the know-how and understanding enough on the problem of Basra and the salinity of the water in, noting that he depends on processors raised by the directorates in Baghdad is already in turn do not understand the treatment of Basra water problem.

He said the provincial council has taken a decision to form a negotiating committee for the selection of a consulting firm that in addition to preparing an urgent and quick plan provided by specialized companies can negotiate with them by the federal government and to reach a decision in order to establish the necessary projects.

He called Albzona to entrust the Ministry of Municipalities to solve the problem at the same time expressing the Council's readiness to finance private consulting company's project to address the problem of water in the province, stressing the willingness of some banks to maintain funding for the project and speed up its implementation.

He criticized the Cabinet's decision to form a negotiating committee is discussing with competent consulting firms treat the problem of water scarcity in Basra and other provinces, noting that the central government is not serious about finding solutions because of the fiscal deficit and refuses to borrowing and refuses to adopt oil mechanism in exchange for reconstruction, while adheres to the ministries involved in the project and refuses to allocate Basra and the rest of the provinces that have the same problem with the water.