The issuance of a warrant of arrest on the investor Muthanna cement plant

The local government announced in Muthanna province, today announced the issuance of the warrant Alfbd against the owner of the company invested to plant Cement Muthanna.

Said Faleh Abdul Hassan sugar governor of Muthanna said in a statement seen by the agency, "our economy" news that "a court order issued arrest warrant against the owner of the company invested to plant Muthana Cement" .modha that "the local government saw that the owner of the company made from the plant almost deserted and no little benefit after that the plant was one of the best laboratories in the Middle East. "

"The lab was produced and exported cement to many countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, but it is now useless because of misguided policies by the Ministry of Industry, which has referred the lab to one of the investors who could not develop and increase production," .mkrra not allow any Ministry to invest any department or governmental entity unless there studies raise the productivity of the laboratory. "