The arrival of the first meal of the mechanics of materials and electricity maintenance Ramadi


The Ministry of Electricity, the arrival of the first meal, equipment, machinery and spare parts, which will contribute to re-electric network maintenance, and restoration of electricity to the city of Ramadi.
He said the ministry spokesman Musab teacher in a statement the agency of our economy News received a copy of it, " The first meal sent by the Directorate - General for the distribution center Electricity consists of specialist wheels maintenance of cables, Sling pneumatic wheels, along with other wheels have been received by the electricity distribution directorate gray . "
said the teacher, said that" sending the first meal will contribute to supporting the engineering and technical staff in the completion of the works to prepare the electrical grid, for the purpose of re - displaced people to their homes, and to provide electrical power in the first phase of the projects for drinking water, sanitation and hospitals.