Director General of the Rafidain (time): we will not succumb to smear campaigns against the pass suspicious loans

March 13, 2016

Baghdad, Ali al-Moussawi
The head of the Rafidain Bank spokesman Kamal al-Hassani said the bank will not be subject to Msaumen and campaigns of defamation and libel from some weak people in order to pass the loans marred by corruption or do not meet the regulations Aleghanonah.oukal Hassani (time) yesterday that (management of the bank have undertaken the advancement of banking work in accordance with the controls and grounds legal rely on coping with the international banking developments in order to gain international reputation and earn the trust of customers, and it requires us to strictly discipline and high work we put in a confrontation with some weak souls) Indicating that the (bank declined to give in to all kinds of pressure and bargaining and then declined to pass and stroll loans marred by corruption or do not meet the legal guarantees and to refrain from granting a loan to a company for the lack of seriousness of the project and for fear of wasting money). He added Hassani that (the bank's ongoing work on the granting of loans and financial transactions fundamentalism, especially dating general interest of the country but in return the bank to take procedures to ensure perform the purpose of the granting of loans and confirm the work according to know base your client to avoid shenanigans), stressing that (rejection of the bank to grant some loans, whether at the level of companies or persons making some are trying to discredit the work of the bank and others have overstayed more than that, but we are determined to continue to approach our work, which is supported institutions domestic and international in terms of competence and integrity).